The following links will take you to a number of resources for the summer reading programs I will be presenting at your library. Some of them, like the signed W-9 form, may not be needed, but others (like the first three) are highly recommended. As always, if you have questions, concerns or need more info, call or e-mail me. 

*Those items that do not yet have a “download” button will be added soon. Bookmark this page and check back often for new resources as they are added.



How to Get the Most Out of Our Visit – This is what you need to know and do to maximize the benefit of having a Dorian Presents program for your library.


“Plug and Play” Press Release for “Finders Keepers – Your Library! Your Adventure! – Just FILL IN YOUR INFORMATION and send it to the newspaper or local radio or TV station. 


Book List for “FINDERS KEEPERS – Your Library! Your Adventure!” – Displaying these books and series, and books like them, will just about guarantee that they will be checked out after the performance. 


Poster – Printable 8.5 x 11 PDF poster for this summer’s show.

Social Media Art – Social media splash art for advertising on your own social media page.

Summer Logo – Logo for this summer’s show to use in your publications.

Photo – Promo photo of Dorian

Signed W-9 – ask your bookkeeper is he/she needs this. If so, just download and print.

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