One easy way to get kids to check out the books I mention in the show is to have them on display in the library and readily available for checkout. The following titles or types of books will be used, discussed or referred to in Let’s B Friends – It Take One to Make One. If your library does not have these titles, books LIKE these and by these authors are great to have on display for check out after the show is presented.


How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and David Shannon
Pirates Don’t Change Diapers by Melinda Long and David Shannon
I Wish I was an Alien by L.W. Abela
Rougarou at Mardi Gras by Vanessa Cano
Have You Ever Seen a Jackalope by Jillian Lund
How to Catch a Yeti by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton
*Books about Cryptids and Aliens (Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Aliens



The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
The Nancy Drew Series
by Carolyn Keene
The Hardy Boys Series by Franklin W. Dixon
Time Warp Trio Series by John Scieszka
The Alien Next Door Series by A.I. Newton
Cryptid Hunters Series by Roland Smith
The Oregon Trail: An Interactive History Adventure by Matt Doeden


Wilderness Survival Guide for Kids by Rick Bayne
Mac King’s Campfire Magic: 50 Amazing, Easy-to-Learn Tricks by Mac King & Bill King
Lonely Planet Kids 101 Things to do on a Walk by Kait Eaton, Vivian Mineker
My First Book of Knots by Berndt Sundsten and Jan Jager
Take Along GuidesVarious Authors and Topics
Great Big Book of Children’s Games by Debra Wise
The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids: 500 Startling Facts! By Krystal Monique Toney
What Do We Know About Bigfoot? by Steve Korté
What Do We Know About the Loch Ness Monster? by Steve Korté
What Do We Know About Alien Abduction? by Kirsten Mayer
The Great Book of Monster Legends: Stories and Myths from Around the World by Tea Orsi and Anna Lang
Cryptids (Guidebooks to the Unexplained) by Kenny Abdo

*Fairy Tales
*Books about pirates
*Magic books
*Puppet books
*Joke books

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